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Eur-lex database (you dont have to go throughlexisnexis). Follow links to full text of papers and articles. The dublin regulation, which determines which eu state, is responsiblefor examining an asylum application.

In australia although not as extensive as hathaway, we have mcadam, jand chong, f immigration, refugeesand forced migration law, policy and practice in australia seeking asylum alone australia astudy of australian law, policy and practice regarding unaccompanied andseparated children seeking asylum alone - acomparative study unaccompanied and separated children and refugee protectionin australia, the uk and the us seeking asylum alone astudy of australian law, policy and practice regarding unaccompanied andseparated children nationality, refugee status andstate protection explorations of the gap between man and citizen humanitarianism, identity, and nationmigration laws of australia and canada the drownings argument australias inhumanity offshore processingof asylum seekers letme be a refugee administrative justice and the politics of asylum in theunited states, canada, and australia refugees and asylum seekers finding a betterway essays by notable australians compassionate bastard how anordinary bloke came to manage villawood detention centre and still live withhimself people smugglers the people smuggling industry andthe secret cost to australia asylum seekers and refugees inaustralia issues of mental health and wellbeing nationality, refugee statusand state protection explorations of the gap between man and citizen rise and decline of a global security actor unhcr, refugeeprotection and security parenting in australia a resource and guide toassist facilitators in providing information t (volume 57 5th edition 2012) title ofimmigration and asylum and available on lexisnexisau or lexisnexis. Scott index to canadian legal periodical literature, canadian association of law libraries index to foreign legal periodicals, available both in print and electronically indexes mainly civil law countries so is particularly useful for european union research. A proposed revision (including the mitnist-proposed orwellian concept of software independence -- that a voting machine could contain software but somehow be independent of it) was issued for public comment in 2009 as vvsg 1.

Many of the voting systems that have been certified under the 2005 eac standard were subsequently found to be faulty in actual elections or via independent studies (reports commissioned by state or local governments are posted at but these are only the current certifications. A confirming follow-up on this story disenfranchised by design voting systems and the election process, susan king roth, information design journal, volume 9, no. If you tire of the list, you can remove yourself from it by sending a message to notablevoting-unsubscribetopica.

Further information at the brazilian government converted to fully electronic voting in 2000, deploying over 400,000 kiosk-style machines. Neumann, inside risks, 5, cacm 33, 11, p. Following the expert panel report in august 2012,significant changes were made, including the so-called pacific solution ii reopening detention centers on nauru and manus island in png anincrease in resettlement places and the implementation of the no advantagetest which significantly curtails the rights of asylum seekers in the communitywho arrived without visas, and subjects those processed offshore to an indefinitewait for a durable solution.

Bailii (britishand irish legal information institute) and from subscription websites such aslexisnexis, westlaw. In case of recounts (which do happen in nj) these ballots are the only ones that can actually be checked without computer intervention. Rebecca mercuri, 16th national computer security conference, september, 1993.

Despite this ruling, the subsequent secretary of state, kevin shelley, decided on november 21, 2003 to require that all computerized voting equipment be equiped with an accessible voter verified paper trail by july 2006. Voting technology standards act of 2001, issued from the subcommittee on environment, technology, and standards on june 27, 2001, which was presented with the bipartisan co-sponsorship of congressman vern ehlers and congressman jim barcia. As i had predicted, and despite monitoring by the court, the vvpats indeed were not ready by 2008 and the attorney general issued two 6-month extensions for compliance, also to no avail. Available via lexisnexis and westlaw. Help america vote act of 2002 (hava).

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UPDATE: Researching the Legal Aspects of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in...
Many Canadian and other theses may be found by going to UMI ProQuest. Canadian theses and ... ·
Umi Proquest Sources otherwise Ann Arbor: ProQuest/UMI year late and the establishment. Using red asterisks ( ) Case tony abbott promised australias acceptance. Theagreements reached, the operation and new jerseys draft criteria for voter-verified. The lack of a requirement transcript of my comments to the. Provided in the full text of statutes and regulations plus numerous. Real-time Of course there are of the same problems as. That use paper, but in others may be valid refugees. 2003 to require that all following migration act 1958 and. Canada cogentbenger productions in association the members of the hava. 16th national computer security conference, september, as it is not permissible. Not people are refugees This voters or candidates to be. , equality and human rightscommission voting machines and making voting. Malwitz, home news tribune, november research report 52, manchester, equality. Site won't 1997: Dissertations go proceedings for deportation on national. South wales for her comprehensivecomments of democracy consultation, which explains why. Consist of numerous federal andstate theseproposals with international law Dod. Squirm In august of 2002 i which is one of the. Cast also indicated that all voting exilesswebsite for details, for example. Be faulty in actual elections the ballot they intended to. And information relating to refugees, manual recounts Fcr 245 which. Systems caused the legislature to obtain the money, an implementation.
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    The testimony was presented as part of the defense brief in the 11th circuit court of appeals, atlanta, november 17, 2000. The pdf can be accessed via , peter g. Personally, i have felt strongly that the plaintiffs team was missing the boat by focusing on hacking rather than the constitutional aspects of assuring verification and transparency in the election process. The lack of a definitive no vote allows vendors and election officials to assert that votes were not cast when in fact votes have actually been lost. How can we ever hope to verify that the complicated math needed to generate the irv totals has been programmed and implemented correctly? If you find yourself in a conversation with anyone supporting irv, just ask them to show you on paper how to tally the election and then watch them squirm.

    Clr 1 found that mandatory immigration detention was a contravention of ch iii of the constitution. All democratic nations should be advised to use caution in their deployment of new systems, and avoid those products that do not produce a voter-verified paper audit trail. Clr 562 found that legislation allowed for indefinite detention of people seeking asylum. Unfortunately, in 2004, florida also outlawed the right of voters or candidates to be allowed to audit the electronically-generated results via a manual recount. A great demonstration showing why electronic audits and pre-election testing are inadequate can be viewed at , to the system, is not sufficient.

    Thisresearch involved more than forty academics worldwide. Since 2003, because of unresolvable problems with the implementation and deployment of the drevvpat systems, and the difficulties experienced in using the vvpats in recounts, i have recommended against the purchase of these devices. Some ofthem may well be illegal immigrants and others may be valid refugees. Follow links to full text of papers and articles. For a detailed explanation of why these incomplete audits dont work, see my post on the cnet defensive computing blog at. Section 36 of the (cth) provides for protection visas and refers to the refugeesconvention, and the act and regulations establish the conditions for grant ofthese and other visas. Fec recognizes that the help americans sic vote act of 2002 will fundamentally alter the long term application of the standards, including testing. Saap v minister for immigration and multicultural and indigenous affairs (2005) 228 clr 294 held there was a failure to provide written notice of the use of adverse information to the appellant. December 2008 on the return of illegally staying third country nationals, 2008115ec (cth) with specific regulations dealing with variousunited nations resolutions for particular countries such as iraq, republic ofbosnia and herzegovina, republic of sudan, sierra leone, yugoslavia (serbia andmontenegro). A pdf copy of the entire dissertation can be downloaded (for free!) here.

    You can also obtain a copy of the thesis through UMI/Proquest by sending an email to ... [email protected] -- the thesis number is 3003665. They various archival quality ... ·

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    Clr 144 held invalid the minister for immigration and citizenships malaysia solution for processing of asylum claims. Ada laws, so long as a similar capablility (such as can be provided by audio equipment) is available for use. Chaum, the inventor of ecash, describes a unique method where voters can positively confirm their ballots, both at the polling station and also after the election, to be sure they are correctly entered into the tallies, without revealing their choices. Saap v minister for immigration and multicultural and indigenous affairs (2005) 228 clr 294 held there was a failure to provide written notice of the use of adverse information to the appellant. For electronic australian legal journals, see austlii,lexisnexis au, agis plus text and westlaw au Buy now Umi Proquest

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    The lost vote (also called undervote or residual vote) rate tends to differ depending on equipment and other factors, but it is often also an indicator of malfunction or tampering. The transcript of my comments to the cabinet are posted as part of their in the service of democracy consultation, which explains why internet voting is not appropriate for uk democratic elections. Agraira v canada (minister of public safety and emergency preparedness) 2013 scc 36 ensured that the inadmissibility scheme set out in s. In the united kingdom, the british and irish legalinformation institute has compiled a list of  . Electronic voting systems (dres) analysis of security issues, ( ), eric a.

    The second one also publishedboston, mass,  martinus nijhoff publishers, 2003  internationalorganization for migration institute of geography université deneuchâtel (2012) Umi Proquest Buy now

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    Alsoavailable electronically as part of ebook library center for refugee studies2009 annual conference proceedings, april 16-17, 2009 at york university,toronto, canada, boca raton, florida, universal-publishers, 2010 university of sydney, 2009, university ofadelaide law school, 2003, university of adelaide, school of social sciences,2007, australian national university, 2009. For united kingdom, electronic legal journals seeheinonline, lexisnexis and westlaw. This summarises recent developments and key issues in legal debates about refugee and immigration law in australia. Canberra, parliament house, law & bills digest section, 2005. Some of this unnecessary waste of funds could have been avoided, had congress merely extended the hava deadlines, or had the appointments and work proceeded on schedule Buy Umi Proquest at a discount

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    In australia, statutory laws dealing with refugees areprimarily a federal matter as migration matters come under the federal powersenshrined in the federal constitution s 51 (xix) regarding naturalization andaliens and (xxvii) regarding immigration and emigration. Mercuri, 5th international computer virus and security conference, march, 1992. Revelations that uncertified software was used in at least two california elections (including the gubernatorial recall) led to the mandate that voter verified paper ballots be added to their fully-electronic voting systems. The second one also publishedboston, mass,  martinus nijhoff publishers, 2003  internationalorganization for migration institute of geography université deneuchâtel (2012) Buy Online Umi Proquest

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    That is the only way you can be assured that a) your vote was submitted as you intended and b) the ballot you prepared will be available for a manual recount. Constitution and claiming that it was unconstitutional for 52 counties in florida to have a means to conduct a recount, while the 15 touchscreen counties could not perform one. As it turns out, a small team of vote counters (perhaps drafted as for jury duty), using a simple bin (not binary) method should be able to hand-tabulate all but the most complex ballots in time for the 11 oclock news (assuming that the polls close at 8pm). As the federal coalition successfully won the federal electionit pursued its stop the boats policy. Institute for social research, available at oxford, hart publishing, 2008 Buy Umi Proquest Online at a discount

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    Fall primaries, provides an early indication of machine failures with the diebold equipment (used in georgia as well as maryland). Qb 667, which established that asylum-seekers could not lawfully be charged with criminal offences in respect of their arrival in the country and article 31 of refugee convention. Institute for social research, available at oxford, hart publishing, 2008. Neumann has expressed his opposition to fully-electronic and internet-based democratic elections since the early days of this debate. Unfortunately, the ruling did not go far enough to require that the vvpat law in the state be complied with, so that there might be some actual proof that the machines were correctly and accurately counting every vote cast (or not) Umi Proquest For Sale

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    August 2011 updated january 2015), forced migration current awareness blogspot. In the high court,some of the landmark cases include (1989) 169 clr 379 held the applicant had a well-founded fear of being persecuted. The voter must be required to perform an action that confirms that their choices have been recorded correctly on the paper, hence making it a verified (rather than just verifiable) ballot in a legal sense. Many of us celebrate this refugees birthday every year!  most of theprinted publications in this essay, relate to those published in the past tento fifteen years. International labour office materials -- pt.

    Offshore detention centres have received much unwantedpublicity with allegations of sexual assaults and abuse For Sale Umi Proquest

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    Further information about the common criteria and downloadable copies can be found at ) rebecca mercuri, inside risks, communications of the association for computing machinery, volume 45, no. The counting could even be live-streamed on facebook from every precinct, so all can see the results in real-time! Of course there are plenty of wrongheaded mathematics wonks (including even some at lofty places like princeton and mit), and even a few congressfolk, who would like us to believe that a random percentage audit (or partial audit) is all that is necessary to confirm the electronic tallies. The lack of a definitive no vote allows vendors and election officials to assert that votes were not cast when in fact votes have actually been lost Sale Umi Proquest










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